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We can offer in-depth intelligence and innovative insights to help demonstrate the viability and benefits of your proposed projects.

The Development Economics team capitalise on market intelligence and commercial awareness to help promote your proposals and consider the viability and benefits of your proposed developments. Ranging from small developments to wider strategic sites and major regeneration projects, we can help you understand and take steps to mitigate the impact of your development and quantify the social, economic and physical benefits that will be delivered to the local community.  Clearly explaining impact mitigation and benefits to the public, local councillors and planning committees provides a positive context for development proposals to be considered and determined. By engaging the Development Economics team at the earliest stage of the development process, we can advise on scheme optimisation and devise strategies to minimise development costs using our development appraisal skills, in depth planning knowledge and commercial market awareness. The team’s evidential work to support planning applications and development strategies uses quantitative and qualitative modelling techniques to unlock development and add substantial value to sites and property assets. We provide advice to clients on matters such as housing need and supply; economic impact and viability modelling; CIL and s106 advice; social infrastructure needs; employment land strategy; and detailed impact modelling for retail and commercial leisure developments.

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