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Lewes Leaders Sustainable Branch Launch

Leaders Sustainable Branch in Lewes Unveiled with a Successful Launch Event

May 31, 2023 PR Officer

Leaders (part of Leaders Romans Group) has launched its new sustainable office in Lewes, with an event for local clients, media, local businesses and Leaders staff.

The town crier was also in attendance, helping to highlight the sustainability message, which follows the Green Party’s win of 18 seats on the Lewes District Council earlier this month, showing that the voting public has an increasing awareness of sustainability issues too.

At the launch event, attendees discussed the sustainability detail behind the refurbishment and the longer-term sustainable pledge by LRG to roll out these green principles to all branch refurbishments across the UK in the company’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030.

David Wilson, Group COO of Leaders Romans Group (LRG), said, “Now is the time for the property sector to embrace the climate change challenge and step up to help turn the industry green. We are committed to playing our part in halting climate change and the devastating effect it has on our environment, which is why we have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030."

“Customers expect more responsibility from the property services they use and interact with, and as an integral part of the local community in each of our nationwide branch network, we want to play our part in delivering the UK’s wider carbon reduction goals", he added.

The event saw the official unveiling of the branch’s new sustainable fit-out, fully powered by renewable green energy. Low-flow taps save up to 50% of water consumption, and low-VOC paints release less gas than traditional paints. In addition, LED timed lighting has been installed to reduce electricity wastage, and the installation of a historical image and map was made using sustainable wall vinyl. Existing flooring and furniture were re-used from the existing branch to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The branch has already been using recycled for sale and to let boards for the last three years.

Every element of the re-fit has been produced locally to Lewes or in the UK to reduce transport emissions and to support local businesses.

The group recently announced an enhancement to its sustainability partnership with Green the UK. The partnership now encompasses restoring wildflower meadows, planting trees, helping migrate and restore native oyster populations in The Solent and supporting a project to restore kelp along the Sussex coastline. To date, the group have planted 16,000 trees, or the equivalent of 16 football pitches.