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Leaders Romans Group Celebrates Continued Carbon Neutrality and Leadership in Environmental Conservation

March 5, 2024 PR Officer

Leaders Romans Group (LRG), a leading UK property services group, proudly announces its sustained achievement of carbon neutrality for a second consecutive year. This accomplishment highlights LRG’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, having reached this milestone eight years ahead of its 2030 objective, first in 2022 and continuing through 2023. This success is part of LRG’s broader strategy of investing in sustainability and responsible business practices.

A cornerstone of LRG’s environmental efforts is its dedication to restoration and conservation projects, significantly contributing to its carbon neutrality. The group has undertaken several notable initiatives and has committed to continuing this work throughout 2024 and 2025.

Restoring Biodiversity: LRG has rejuvenated 70,000 square meters of wildflower meadows, creating habitats for native wildlife and supporting biodiversity.

Marine Conservation: Initiatives include the restoration of 300 square metres of native oyster beds in The Solent, aiding in the recovery of native oyster populations and the revitalisation of four kelp sites along the Sussex coast, enhancing marine biodiversity.

Sustainable Materials: The company has recycled 8,000 for-sale/to-let boards, further reducing its environmental footprint and achieving zero waste to landfill, emphasising its commitment to sustainability in all operations.

LRG’s path to carbon neutrality has been paved by several key strategies, including:

Energy Efficiency: Through significant efforts to improve efficiency across operations, LRG has reduced emissions even with increased electricity consumption.

Green Electricity: Adopting renewable energy sources has been crucial in reducing LRG’s carbon footprint.

Environmental Management Action Plan: This plan has been instrumental in identifying and targeting emission reduction opportunities.

Sustainable Partnerships: Collaborations, such as with Green the UK, which led to the planting of over 26,000 trees, sequestering at least 35 tonnes of carbon annually, have been vital in offsetting LRG’s carbon emissions.

Investment in Carbon Credits: LRG balanced its emissions by investing in carbon credits. This process involved purchasing and retiring carbon credits equivalent to their emissions, thereby achieving a state of carbon neutrality​​.

Community engagement: Supporting charities such as Cash 4 Kids and The Trussell Trust and participating in local events to raise funds and awareness for disadvantaged children across the UK​​. This holistic approach to sustainability encompasses both environmental stewardship and community well-being, recognising the interdependence of these aspects in creating thriving neighbourhoods​​.

LRG’s comprehensive approach to sustainability, integrating direct emission reductions with strategic offsetting initiatives, exemplifies its commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. This approach has led to its remarkable achievement of carbon neutrality and its recognition within the industry, evidenced by its receipt of the Negotiator Gold Award for Sustainable Agency of the Year last year.

David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at LRG, said, “Our steadfast commitment to sustainability and active community engagement has earned us the prestigious Negotiator Gold Award for Sustainable Agency of the Year and reinforces our position as a frontrunner in the property sector.”

“LRG’s journey towards environmental excellence is far from over; we are dedicated to ongoing enhancements and establishing new, ambitious environmental objectives. Our goal is to elevate our operations and facilities with an unwavering commitment to eco-friendly principles, thereby ensuring a profound and enduring positive impact on the planet and the communities we are privileged to serve.”