Leaders Romans Group Announces Employee Fertility Benefit

February 13, 2024 PR Officer

LRG has announced, with immediate effect, a new benefit which supports employees undergoing fertility treatment.

The benefit allows staff time off (unpaid for those with under three years’ service; paid for those with more) to attend fertility appointments.  For IVF treatment, LRG allows ten days for the person going through the treatment and five days for partner /co-parent. Support for those undertaking egg/embryo freezing, sperm freezing and surrogate is also available.

The policy is seen as an important tool in enabling LRG’s workforce to best support colleagues going through treatment and acknowledges the need for support within the workplace.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA) reports that increasing numbers are undergoing these procedures. In the period 2019-2021, egg-freezing and storage increased by 64% and IVF and donor-insemination cycles by 10%. The number of IVF patients in female same-sex relationships increased by 33% rise and single parents undergoing fertility treatment rose by 44%. Globally, according to the European IVF Monitoring Consortium, IVF accounts for the conception of over 5% of all newborns in some European countries.

However, the IVF process is complex and stressful and consists of multiple steps in a single cycle which can take months to complete. The main reason for patients prematurely dropping out of IVF prior to achieving a pregnancy are the financial, physical, and psychological burdens of the treatment.

Introducing the new policy, Group HR Director Hannah Cooper said, “We recognise that everyone’s journey to starting a family is different and that undergoing fertility treatment can be challenging, both mentally and physically.

“We are committed to being an inclusive organisation. Implementing family-friendly policies that support our teams and promote a positive work-life balance helps to achieve that. The Fertility Journey policy aims to assist in creating an open and honest workplace and supports both parents. We are delighted to offer this benefit above and beyond any statutory requirement, to support a sense of belonging within LRG.”

The decision to introduce the policy was made after careful consideration and extensive feedback from LRG’s Employee Voice Group, which exists to engage with employees on an ongoing basis to gain insights and suggestions to meet the diverse needs of the workforce.

Brands which make up Leaders Romans Group, to which this benefit applies, include Bode Insurance Solutions, Boyer, Dunlop Heywood, Gibbs Gillespie, Glide, Hose Rhodes Dickson, Leaders, Moginie James, Mortgage Scout, Portico , Romans, Scott Fraser, SOWN and Three Sixty Space and The Acorn Group, which includes Langford Russell, John Payne, Unique Homes, Start Financial Services and MAP Chartered Surveyors.