Why it pays to be a female in the male dominated property industry

October 11, 2017 Kiersty Sims

After noticing that women account for under a quarter of their student membership, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors call for more women to enter the property industry. After reading their plea, we’ve noted that here at The Leaders Romans Group, we are doing a pretty good job at representing both genders.

Across the business, from Directors all the way through to our Apprentice Scheme, we give equal opportunities to the both sexes. We want to encourage as many young women as possible to consider joining the property industry, so we’ve asked some of our leading ladies to tell us what they love about their job and how being a female in a male dominated industry has impacted their career…


Hannah Pentecost – Head of HR Operations Leaders Romans Group

I work as the Head of HR Operations across the Leaders Romans Group. I have progressed from a HR Advisor since joining 5 years ago through the succession and development provided by the company. As a business we are very proud to have a strong female workforce. Across the group 66% of our employees are female and our Board of Directors reflects this very strong female presence. It is very empowering as a women to being led by a female strong board, especially in a male dominated industry.


Kiersty Sims – Head of Romans Marketing

Working for Romans over the past 10 years has been fast paced. I’ve progressed from a Marketing Executive to Head of Marketing and so being a woman in an industry that has traditionally been led by men has not held me back. I’m pleased that within Romans, people who work hard and smart are rewarded and so I see many women in the company being promoted based on merit, ability and passion for their career. Romans as a company offers a number of employee benefits and being such a large organisation, can offer job shares for those with young children so they don’t need to choose between family life and their career.



Gemma Gibson – Residential Sales Manager of Romans Maidenhead Branch

Despite working in a male dominated industry, I have found success in my career and progressed to Residential Sales Manager of the Romans Branch in Maidenhead. I have to say in some cases, not fitting the typical stereotype of being a male estate agent has its advantages and certainly can help when building relationships with clients who have a negative preconception. I have worked hard to gain the trust of my customers, my staff and the Senior Team & Directors. I have always been judged on my performance, not my gender and manage a team of predominantly male agents. We are all hugely respectful of each other – regardless of our gender and the dynamic works very well. I think it’s important that other young women who join Romans can see we have both genders in the Senior Team and some fantastic female role models who can offer advice and guidance. It’s encouraging for them to see that if you work hard you are rewarded regardless of your gender.

As you can see, being a woman in a male dominated industry has its advantages and here at The Leaders Romans Group we give everyone equal opportunities to succeed.

If you are interested in starting a career in the property industry and would like to find out more about working for The Leaders Romans Group, visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/11311593/