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LRG pledges to plant 16k trees

July 29, 2021 PR Officer

Leaders Romans Group (LRG), has launched a partnership with GreenTheUK to plant one tree for every house sold or let through the company. GreenTheUK tailors local wildlife projects for local businesses and, through its exclusive partnership with the Royal Forestry Society (RFS), will be planting climate-resilient trees local to LRG branches. This follows the announcement earlier this year that Eco Boards will be used across the group and helps LRG further reduce their impact on the environment.

LRG will help plant over 8,000 trees over the next 6 months and potentially more than 16,000 trees in 2022 (equating to around 23 football pitches). The project will be closely monitored by the RFS to ensure the right variety and quantity of trees are planted in the right places. Customers and employees will receive updates about their trees throughout the year.

This partnership is an exciting step forward as we work to minimise our impact on the environment

David Wilson, LRG’s Chief Operating Officer

This initiative aims to promote a green ethos within the local communities that LRG love and work in. It also aims to ensure that future generations understand the importance of protecting the environment and the need to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Local eco-friendly projects will be supported including planting in local schools.

David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer

David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of Leaders Romans Group, comments: “This partnership is an exciting step forward as we work to minimise our impact on the environment by preventing pollution and aiming to reduce any activities that may have an adverse effect on the environment.”

Ed Caldecott, CEO of GreenTheUK, said: “Our goal is to provide support to UK wildlife projects with measurable local impact. We look forward to working with LRG to plant trees local to their branches to help conserve our natural world and fight climate change.”