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LRG introduces Virtual Viewings across Romans’ 25 residential sales offices

October 2, 2019 PR Officer

The Leaders Romans Group is delighted to now offer accompanied virtual viewings across our expansive branch network. This innovative 2D and 3D property technology allows prospective buyers to fully immerse themselves with a guided virtual walk-through of properties of their choice* – all from the comfort of their home, convenience of their office, or wherever else they may be!


What is the benefit to our customers?

The decision to introduce accompanied virtual viewings across Romans’ residential sales offices reflects our commitment to continue providing our customers with the very best and most up-to-date property services.

For sellers

We understand that preparing their home for multiple viewings – sometimes at short notice – can be both time consuming and inconvenient, especially whilst juggling all of life’s other commitments. So, why prepare it for more viewings than they really need to?

Accompanied virtual viewings not only make it easier for buyers to view our sellers’ homes, but they reduce the number of wasted viewings by 40%[i], saving sellers time and energy when preparing to sell their home. Instead, they can simply prepare their property once for our professional photographer and videographer, and then again for any serious buyers who choose to follow up their accompanied virtual viewing experience with a physical viewing.

Buyers who wish to view properties via our online platform will be sent a secure one-time use access code to our sellers’ virtual reality video and their experienced local Romans estate agent will accompany their buyer online to guide them around the property, room by room, answering any questions throughout.

For buyers

Accompanied virtual viewings are perfect for buyers serious about finding their dream home but struggling to make viewing appointments that work for them. We know that it can be difficult to find the time to travel to and from several properties and in a competitive market it’s not unusual for properties to sell before buyers have even had a chance to view.

With Romans, prospective buyers can now view several properties from the comfort of their own home or convenience of the office – plus their partner, parents or business partner can join too no matter their location, with our multi-device feature. Buyers simply need to tell us which properties they’d like to view and we will join them online to talk through each property with the same degree of detail and professionalism as a physical viewing, all whilst the buyer is taking in the virtual experience from their location!

Interested to learn more about our exclusive accompanied virtual viewings package? Simply contact us here, for a demonstration!


*Accompanied Virtual Viewings are currently available on selected properties

[i] Source: Property Week