Corporate social responsibility

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Our charity partners

We love the feeling of giving back to our local communities and so have always taken steps to support charities and local communities through a variety of schemes. Each of our brands work with official charity partners and have gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts.

Vanessa, our Community and Culture Manager has been working tirelessly to strengthen our links within the local community and increase the charitable giving from our three brands.

Part of Vanessa’s work has involved allowing our brands to select charity partners that are close to their hearts and in their local communities as well as larger nationals. As a result, we sponsor a total of 16 different charities across the UK! Staff from across our branch network use their imagination, determination and hard work to fundraise on behalf of their chosen charity.

This year we have two members of staff participating in the London Marathon, raising money for Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. But that’s not all – from fun runs and sky dives to fancy dress competitions and walks along the Great Wall of China, our people with the support of Vanessa, have got behind their chosen charities and are determined to break their fundraising record in 2019.

Our community partners

Our Culture and Community Engagement division also actively supports our local community in a variety of ways, including the sponsorship of a number of clubs and organisations. We offer our community not only financial support but also guidance on their business models, careers advice and peer support to help them achieve their goals.

Not only do we offer this sponsorship and support to clubs including Fleet Town FC and Caversham and Farnham Bowling Clubs, but we also work closely with local schools, colleges and hospitals.

We support our local schools and colleges by staging mock interviews, student seminars and by offering work experience placements to help students as they move towards full-time employment. In addition to providing support for the students, Vanessa and her team also run events offering enterprise advice for the business heads at our local schools and colleges. Our commitments will once again be increased in 2018 with more projects planned than ever before!

We even apply our all under one roof ethos to our CSR efforts by promoting our charities and their fundraising events among our partners in the local community spreading awareness and raising even more funds for our chosen charities.

Environmental responsibility

We are passionate about the environment and are committed to meeting our environmental responsibilities and forging a reputation for excellence in this area. We promote good practice across all of our disciplines aiming to reduce the negative effects our business and supply chains have on the environment.

Our objective is to minimise our impact on the environment by preventing pollution, eliminating any activities that may have an adverse effect on the environment, working in a socially responsible manner and always considering the impact of our actions on the community.

We’ve worked on reducing not only the amount of paper and other resources we as a business consume, but also to promote a green ethos across the schools and community groups we work with in order to ensure the future generation in our local area understand the importance of protecting their environment.

As per the Modern Slavery Act 2015 we are committed to ensuring that the company has a robust and collaborative approach to addressing Modern Slavery in our industry and within our supply chains. Find out more here.

We are committed to improving pay quality in all areas of our business. View our gender pay gap report from:
1 April 2019.
1 April 2018.