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Who are we?

We are one of the largest property services companies in the UK, if you want to further your career in the commercial or residential property sector, you’ve come to the right place.

Our brands have been operational for over 30 years and through a combination of acquisition and organic growth, we are continuing to grow all areas of our business and, we are not done yet!

We utilise cutting edge employment practices and offer our staff fantastic working environments both out in our branches and in our Head Office in Wokingham, Berkshire. From ensuring interiors are well-decorated and maintained to arranging fruit drops and Fit Camps, we go above and beyond to improve the well-being of our staff.

Our values

We do the right thing

We’re committed to creative, commercial thinking

We listen, we care and we deliver

We always take a collaborative approach

Why work with us?

Peter Kavanagh, Group Managing Director:

“If you want a job then we probably aren’t for you, but, if you want a career you’ve come to the right place! We really like to give our people the opportunity to come, train, grow,and develop and its really pleasing for me to watch people flourish here."

By joining the Leaders Romans Group, you will get a lot more than just a career. Despite being large in size, we still maintain an entrepreneurial approach to our business. Every person who works for us and every role really counts.

We’ll invest in your development

We believe that our people shape the future of our company, that’s why we heavily invest in training and development with both in-house experts and renowned industry trainers.

We’ll help you progress

We want to ensure that you never stand still and are always fulfilling your potential. In a company as large as ours there’s always room for progression, we will support you in finding the right path and work with you to enhance your skills.

We’ll recognise and reward your hard work

We will always celebrate your success and offer rewards and incentives to keep you motivated and let you know that your hard work has been recognised.

Plus, you’ll get a whole host of other employee benefits…

What's the working environment like?

If you are considering a career with us here at the Leaders Romans Group, you might find some the answers from our recent employee engagement survey a useful insight into what life is like on a day-to-day basis for our employees.

We aim to carry out these surveys on a regular basis to ensure all of our employees’ views are heard and necessary changes are made to improve the working environment.

Our latest survey showed some really positive results with 90% of respondents stating they were happy with LRG as a place to work, we’re working on the other 10%!

We were really impressed with how our people view the progression and development options in the workplace as this has been one of our key focuses hence the development of our Training Academy. 81% believed there is someone at work who encourages their development, 87% say that their manager develops a positive team atmosphere and 81% have had an opportunity to learn and grow in the last year.

It’s also been great to see some really positive stats about how our people view their workplace relationships, with 87% of our staff saying that they have a good friend at work, 87% feeling that their manager develops a positive team atmosphere and 69% believe that at work their opinions seem to count. For more workplace reviews click here.

If this sounds like the kind of environment you would like to work in, view our latest vacancies!